Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant. This plant is high in the nutrient hemp extract, which supports general health and well-being. This nutrient can give you more mental focus, balance, and energy. Hemp oil naturally contains vitamins, fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9), and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Many people consider hemp to be the most powerful superfood due to its broad nutritional value.

Our company focuses on the quality of our ingredients and their absorption rates in the body. We believe your body will benefit the most from natural supplements, not synthetics. That’s why our hemp oil is made only from 100% natural materials and is organic. Our research has concluded that this oil can be best absorbed into the body by taking it sublingually.

Opt Hemp Hemp Oil

Our OptHemp Ultra Premium Hemp Oil is our most popular product due to its great taste. This is a full spectrum hemp oil infused with peppermint oil to give you a tingling sensation when absorbed under the tongue. It’s organic, 100% natural, and made in the US. Using one dropper a day of this product can help you feel calm and relaxed. It will help you improve your quality of sleep and help you maintain balance.

Our Nano Water Soluble Hemp Oil Softgels are very powerful. While some customers like absorbing the oil directly under the tongue because they can immediately feel the absorption into their body, some people prefer the traditional method of taking nutritional supplements by taking our softgels instead. Our nanotechnology transforms the ingredients into very small droplets that can be easily absorbed by the body.  

Our Gold Plus OptHemp Softgels are a hemp extract isolate instead of a full spectrum product. What that means is the soft gels only contain hemp extract and not the other plant compounds found in hemp. It is suspended in extra virgin olive oil and has a vegetarian softgel casing that is easily digested. There is 60mg of hemp oil and 15mg of hemp oil extract per serving. Each bottle has 60 softgels.

Which Type of Hemp Oil Is The Best For You

“Full spectrum”  v.s.Hemp extract concentrate”: Do you want to include some of the companion cannabinoids found in the full spectrum oil like CBG, CBN, and CBC? These extra ingredients have their own properties, including the ability to fight inflammation.

“Sublingual drops”  v.s. “softgels” concentrate”:: Which method is more convenient for you? Do you like the tingling sensation of our peppermint infused oil under your tongue or do you prefer a more traditional softgel?

“Nano technology”: this technology transforms the ingredients into extremely small particles that can be absorbed 3-5 times more effectively than full-sized drops.

Choose Health. Choose Happiness. Choose OptHemp.

Made from 100% organic, all natural hemp.

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